The challenge

Educate the consumer to broaden usage

The Thursday Plantation brand has been around since the late 1970’s and is synonymous with Tea Tree Oil. It was and is Australia’s original Tea Tree Oil Brand. While this Tea Tree Oil heritage is important to the brand and very much lies at the heart of it’s equity, today there is a lot more to the Thursday Plantation brand than just their Tea Tree offering.

The insight

The Power of Nature’s Oils

With growing awareness of the other oil offerings within their product portfolio (including Lavender and Eucalyptus), education on the usage of the new oils seems to be the key to unlocking more consumers to become involved with the brand and in particular the value of using their essential oil for everyday healthcare for their family and household.

100% pure, 100% natural,
over 100 uses.

The solution (consumer contribution campaign)

By demonstrating the wide ranging versatility of the pure oils range the campaign’s aim was to lead to purchase consideration, trial and brand preference with our target audience. The idea for the campaign centred around capturing and drawing upon consumer’s own experiences with how they used Thursday Plantation products for therapeutic use and around the home. The campaign relied on driving content either from the brand or via user generated content through short, focused messages and ambassadors reinforcing the campaign theme of 100% pure, 100% Natural, 100 Uses for Thursday Plantation.

Integrated TV, digital
& social campaign.

“Using it has been
our saving grace!”

Consumer Contribution

The results

23% uplift in product sales nationally

The TP campaign delivered an overall uplift of 23% in product sales nationally, performing best in grocery followed closely by increased product sales in pharmacies.