Our Mission

Re-name and rebrand a well-established entity

The Northern Cooperative Meat Company, in operation since 1933 and is based in Casino, Australia’s meat capital within the Northern Rivers of NSW, was a well-established entity. The Ad Agency’s mission was to rename and rebrand this company to enhance its global presence and better represent its industry-leading standards and product diversity.

Project Overview

Extensive research involving key stakeholders was an integral part of the process

During the organisation’s renaming phase, in-depth research and workshops were conducted to explore various options. One key and consistent finding was that the organisation was already referred to as “The Co-Op”. The term “Co-Op” aligns perfectly with all stakeholders, embodying the dictionary definition: “a jointly owned enterprise engaged in production, distribution of goods, or provision of services by its members for mutual benefit, often organised by consumers or farmers.”

The Northern Cooperative Meat Company became the Casino Food Co-Op

‘The CO-OP’ calls out the uniquely ownable proposition of financially empowering Producers through the value chain. In bringing ‘CO-OP’ out front and centre to the brand it allows us to truly own it. Given Research told us that many everyday people already referred to the organisation as ‘The CO-OP’ it helped bring automatic authenticity to the name change and grounded it in reality. Both visually and verbally it’s a succinct, positive, and simple statement. Calling out member / farmer owned and feels comfortably Australian in its abbreviated tone.

The new logo represents unity, coming together & growing together for a collective benefit. The ‘c’ and ‘o’ are based on an infinity symbol and represents a sense of balance, and unbounded, limitless possibilities.