Campaign objective

Increase sales of ‘Norco Real’ flavoured milk. QLD & NSW

Our campaign objective was to meet Norco’s competition head on at the point of purchase. Not only other flavoured milk competitors but the entire range of soft drinks available to our market. Our target was ‘Tradies’ throughout Northern Rivers & South East Queensland.

Norco believe in
keeping it REAL.


The insight

Made from real NORCO milk and real ingredients

This idea is about positioning Norco ‘Real Iced’ flavoured milk as the better alternative to other convenient style and fancy fad drinks. And why is it considered better? Because ‘Real Iced’ is made from real milk and real ingredients unlike some of its rivals. 

100% Australian
farmer owned.

The solution

Give me something real

Our Norco product is central to the idea and the hero of the creative. ‘Real Iced’ milk is made from real fresh milk, not like the others, hence the tagline ‘Give me something real’.

The tone is punchy, witty and humorous and gives Norco Flavoured Milk a distinct personality, one that is very Australian in its unashamedly, irreverent nature.

This idea specifically set out to provide campaign scope and impact based around a low cost execution.