The challenge

In 2020 Maurice Blackmore (of Blackmore’s) set up a multi million-dollar trust through Southern Cross University to establish ‘The National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine’, a centre of excellence in research and education the largest centre of it’s kind in Australia. Established to be a leader in Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine and find new ways for complementary and mainstream medicines to work together to address current and future health challenges.

Our mission

Launch the centre 

The Ad Agency team was briefed in June 2020 to brand the Centre. The sensitive political nature of naturopathy nationally called for extensive research in the lead up to campaign development. Much of this was in the form of focus groups with Doctors, Naturopaths, Allied Healthcare workers and potential students.

It became crystal clear that all cross sections of our target group needed to feel confident regarding the centres ‘bonefides’. Essentially they wanted to know who the leaders are driving the National Centre’s programs.

Establishing a centre of excellence.

Our launch campaign theme

‘Shining a light’

Our campaign idea grew naturally out of the research and was to ‘Shine a Light’ on the masters in their field who were central to the leadership group of the new centre. One such master that featured in our campaign was Dr Kerryn Phelps, renowned as first female president of the AMA, Federal Member of Parliament, medical educator, civil rights activist and so much more. Other masters recognised in their field also featured in a series of videos that formed the central piece of a multimedia campaign through social media, television and industry events

Shining a light on the masters in their field.

Levels of interest beyond expectation.


Launched in the year of Covid amongst significant head winds experienced in the higher education sector, Southern Cross University’s National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is experiencing levels of interest in Post and Undergraduate courses far beyond expectations with official figures yet to be published at the time of writing.