The challenge

How not to alienate the healthcare practitioner

Being a ‘practitioner only’ brand, Eagle was suffering from low awareness amongst consumers. Our challenge was to talk to the consumer directly but not to alienate the practitioners. A consumer facing campaign was created (a first for Eagle) to educate the consumer on the role of the practitioner in their healthcare journey and encourage trial.

The insight

I strive to be my best self

Eagle Tresos is the brands leading multivitamin, awareness of Tresos far exceeds that of the brand. With a strategic decision to focus on Eagle Tresos we set about creating an idea around the products key benefit and consumer insight:- I strive to be my best self. I am doing all the right things. BUT I just don’t feel as good as I think I should. I’m still struggling.

Formulated by practitioners for you.

The solution

A partnership with Fitness First

In consultation with the Brand team we made a decision to focus on a more exclusive ‘closed’ community who were open to receiving messages about their health. Fitness First was the perfect fit, we created a 360 campaign with high impact creative based around our insight that Eagle Tresos formulations can increase your everyday performance. In conjunction with the campaign the consumer was invited to take part in an instore trial.

88% audience engagement with creative.

1,753,920 opportunities to see & 250+ sign ups.

The results

26% higher engagement than the average

The 4 week campaign managed to achieve 1,753,920 opportunities to be seen with an 88% engagement score, 26% above average. In just 10 days we received 250+ sign ups for the Eagle Tresos trial with over 400 members spoken to across 44 gyms.