Client overview

A full service partnership

The Ad Agency has been working with the Comvita brand for eight years across a diverse and comprehensive range of projects. Our full service partnership with Comvita delivers creative, strategic and media planning services.

From Australasian-wide TV, outdoor and instore campaigns to organic social media campaigns, to ‘all-new’ or refreshed product packaging design.

The Ad Agency is immersed in the development of the brand across the entire range of Comvita products including Olive Leaf Extract, Manuka Honey, Propolis and Medihoney.

From the outset of our partnership with Comvita, a key element of the brand story has been to leverage the origins of Comvita’s journey, products and ingredients.

“More than just an agency – a brand partner”

Valued client relationships

A word from our partner

“I have had the privilege of working with the Ad Agency team across a range of categories, brands and businesses spanning more than two decades.

For Comvita, The Ad Agency provides social media strategy and content development, global brand packaging, audio visual, graphic design and media placement services as a crucial part of our agency village.

For our brand, they’re more than just an agency – they’re a brand partner. Their senior creative team are intimately connected with our brand, our products, our consumers and as a result provide powerful design solutions that always find their mark.  The Ad Agency provides unparalleled client service and attention-to-detail, which is essential for our marketing team to execute successful omnichannel marketing strategies.”

Alicia Foster | Marketing Manger – Australia & New Zealand

Across multiple campaigns our role is to maintain quality and consistency above and below the line.

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