The challenge

How to encourage customers to repeat purchase

At a time when the Celebrity Slim product range was becoming more readily available through a broader and national distribution network, one of the key challenges was how to encourage customers to repeat purchase Celebrity Slim after their first trial.

The insight

Influencing a change in lifestyle

It was found that when the consumer had reached their goal weight they stopped using the product. The Ad Agency set out to create a campaign to establish the brand as an ‘ongoing lifestyle’ maintenance brand rather than just another ‘quick fix’ weight loss diet.

Get in shape the
scrumptious way.

The solution

Chef Poh Ling Yeow brand ambassador

We created a campaign around celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow, promoting her as their brand ambassador we developed tools such as online cooking demonstrations, recipe books and a Celebrity Slim iPhone App. By placing the product into the consumer’s tangible world in this way Celebrity Slim was no longer a brand only seen in a retail space, but part of the consumers every day lives. As a result when their goal weight was met, they would continue to buy the bars, soups and shakes as easy substitutes to incorporate into their ongoing healthy way of eating by combining Celebrity Slim with nutritious recipes to maintain their desired weight.

Creating an ongoing lifestyle brand beyond a quick fix diet.

“Thanks Celebrity Slim and Poh for your wonderful recipes :)”

Customer Review

The results

Opening up an ongoing conversation

Celebrity Slim continues to be a successful brand in the lifestyle/weight management category, helping consumers change their lifestyle habits by combining Celebrity Slim with exciting and nutritious recipes to maintain their weight management goals. The campaign successfully engaged consumers on a level never experienced before and opened up a conversation between Celebrity Slim and their customers.